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Practical sessions in a university course focusing on social media

by Dr. Bertalan Mesko; 2013.01.28 17:00:22

Ive been teaching medical students about using social media for years. These courses consisted of series of extended lectures, written exam and constant online communication with students discussing their questions on Facebook and a blog.

The challenge I face now it that I try to make more practical sessions (tasks they have to do online after each lecture), and Im wondering what these may be.

1. QKOBIH   March 01, 2015
I am taking this course this semester and find our classes to be engaging and interactive. I think that as we complete the online studies and tests we will become a little bit more confident too which should improve the interaction more.

I too have been pondering about tasks and came up with an idea. At the end of the module, we could simulate a clinical scenario ( involving conflicting data or home technology device) and practice solving clinical care? ( along the lines of PBL- problem based learning). This way we could practice the use of our knowledge gained thus far and build neurons for what will only keep changing by the time we qualify as doctors/ dentists/ pharmacists.

Best Wishes,

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2. Dr. Bertalan Mesko   March 01, 2015
Thank you, Catherine, for the suggestion! I'm not sure how I could develop it in practice, but it's definitely food for thought.
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