After years of hard work of creating a unique curriculum that prepares medical students for the technological future of medicine, it is a huge pleasure to share that our study is published. We have measured how effectively such a curriculum of social media, mobile health and disruptive technologies can get them ready for what is coming next. The structure of the course was just featured by the blog of the Stanford Medical School.

The study, Digital Literacy in the Medical Curriculum: A Course With Social Media Tools and Gamification, is available in JMIR Medical Education.

I believe including such courses in the curriculum is the only way to train medical professionals who are good at what they do and have a clear view on technologies surrounding them.

Moreover, the new semester of the Social Media in Medicine university course launches at Semmelweis University. I’ll introduce medical students to the world of social media by showing them a lot of practical examples; as well as to the world full of technological advances they will face when they leave medical school.

9 weeks, 15 extended topics, two surveys, one exam, and a lot of Facebook challenges every single day.

This course is still unique worldwide and I created a digital format as well so not only medical students and professionals at Semmelweis University can acquire such digital skills. Feel free to use the #HCSMcourse hashtag when communicating about the course.

Here is the timeline:

Sep 15: Introduction to social media and medicine
Sep 29. Search engines and the Google story
Oct 6. Information pollution and medical communities
Oct 20. The mysteries of medical blogging
Oct 27. Crowdsourcing on Twitter
Nov 3. Youtube and mobile health
Nov 17. The era of e-patients
Nov 24. Wikipedia and medical wikis
Dec 1. Written exam
Dec 8. The future of medicine, results of the online surveys

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