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I designed and launched The Social MEDia Course for those medical students and professionals who would like to know more about e-patients, social media-related issues and lifehacks for their professional lives. Over 500 users have been working on the lectures, doing the tests and we had to wait 6 weeks to find the first one who could pass all the tests and achieve the "The Ultimate Expert" badge. I had a pleasure to do an interview with Miguel Angel Mayer.
  • Why did you decide to take all the tests? Do you have any experience with social media?
After seeing two of the courses I saw that the content and the information provided were very interesting and I decided to go on with all the courses and thought why not take all the tests to check my level. My experience with social media is wide and varied because many years ago, in 2007, I was very interested in these issues and I introduced Family Doctors in Web 2.0 tools and services for the first time here. Since then I have been giving conferences and introducing the use of Web 2.0 tools even in the Medical School since 2008.

  • Was it hard to complete any of the tests?
I didn’t see differences in completing the tests; more or less the difficulty was the same, although the first attempts were more difficult because of the mechanics in doing them. In my view some numerical information is not too relevant to memorize and to ask about.

  • Which prezi was your favorite one and why?
In fact I had more than one favourite, in concrete the prezis related to e-Patients, Education 2.0 and Medical Communities were my favourites. I think the resources and the videos were very interesting.

  • How much time did it take all together to finish the course?
Really I don’t know exactly but taking into account I was the first one to finish it not too much I suppose.

  • Do you have any suggestions about improving the course?
In my view some information could be difficult to follow thinking of students or people not too familiar with Web 2.0, so sometimes a little more text explanation or some information in voice format accompanying the text may be of help.

  • Do you think this course is suitable for introducing medical students and professionals to digital literacy?
Yes, I think the course is useful and interesting to introduce medical students and professionals to issues related to the use of social media and web 2.0 tools, providing a general view with very good details, besides some interesting concepts about information management. My congratulations on the course.

Here is his certificate which he received in the original PDF format:

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